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Short term mission teams

Since 2003 we have hosted short-term mission teams in a safe place with hot showers and home-cooked meals in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. We provide transportation from the Guatemala City Airport to our property in Chichicastenango, Monte Flor, so that teams are able to focus on partnering with us in our James 1:27 calling. We employ a Guatemalan staff of 75 to take care of the details from three meals a day to finding widows in need of a home.

When short-term teams arrive we are prepared for a week in which caring for widows and children can take place in a tangible way. Visiting teams will participate in “work projects” such as, building or repairing widow houses, building bathrooms, installing fuel efficient stoves or water filters.  More than 1,200 homes for widows have been constructed to date, which paves the way for extended ministry to take place. One of those ways is by teams revisiting previously built homes repairing and painting them and having another opportunity to interact with and care for widows.

Teams also participate in “relational projects”, these are more discipleship in nature, focusing on building relationships and sharing the Gospel. Every family that we serve is given an audio Bible in their local language, Kiche’.

There are activities throughout the week to keep teams busy.  Teams participate in our weekly shoe giveaway, English classes with neighbor kids, soccer game with staff and more.  A highlight of the week for teams is visiting our feeding programs in the afternoons and interacting with the kids!

For more details on hosting a short-term team with us please fill out our Trip Information Request and download our Team Leaders Guide. Once we have confirmed a Mission Trip Date with your Group Leader please have each Team Member click here and fill out a Trip Registration form. This will ensure that each Team Member will be properly registered with us and will have Travel Insurance. We look forward to serving Jesus and the Guatemalan people along side of your team.

Widow House Construction

While Pray America provides feeding programs in rural areas outside Chichicastenango, there are also a large number of widows – many with children – who were homeless. In partnership with the local church and community leaders, Manos de Jesus developed a program to build houses for these widows.

All of the homes are financially sponsored, and constructed by short term mission teams, or individual donors from partner churches. The widow’s family or friends provide a small piece of land, deeded to the widow, on which teams build a 12’ X 12’ home with a concrete floor, porch, windows, doors and beds.

Since 2006, homes have been provided for over 1,200 widows and their families. By heeding the James 1:27 calling the visiting team members are truly being the hands and feet of Jesus when building houses for Guatemalan widows and their children. For more information on partnering with us for a mission trip, download the Mission Trip Leaders Guide.

Feeding Programs

Manos De Jesus operates three feeding and discipleship programs in the communities of Paquixic, Xepocol, and Saquilla in the Chichicastenango region. Most of the people served suffer from malnutrition due to the poor rural area, not starvation. Corn tortillas are too often a common staple that only fill the stomach leaving children and widows malnourished. Twice weekly, each program provides a nutritious meal of meat, fruits, and beans, along with Bible classes for children and widows. These programs collectively serve over 750 meals twice a week and are staffed by the local church and by local young Mayans with a heart to pour into their own people. Visiting Mission Teams typically are able to visit, participate, and interact with the children at the Feeding Programs.

Manos De Jesus’ feeding programs are funded and administered at the community level, not the individual level. It is more cost-effective and maximizes the food that can be purchased in terms of quantity and nutrition. Providing relief at the community and family level is more helpful to the leaders, as support at the individual level can actually divide communities and families by creating haves and have-nots. Programs at the community and family level are therefore more sustainable.

Monte Flor

As Manos De Jesus became part of the Chichicastenango community, it became clear that there was a need for a place that could serve to provide a continuum of care options for local Guatemalans, host visiting short term mission teams, and store materials. God provided the ministry such a place, and it is called Monte Flor, or Flower Mountain; the name this piece of land has possessed as long as locals can remember.

Monte Flor is a sixty acre property located just outside the town of Chichicastenango. The works of Monte Flor are to embody a community-centered approach to providing care, spiritual guidance, education, and resources that facilitate the health and independence of local families and communities.

Casa de Sarita

Casa de Sarita was built due to a prompting from God. Plans for this home came together in order that it could be an orphanage, a home for abuse girls, pregnant unwed mothers, or transitional living of some sort. The main goal for Casa de Sarita was to provide a refuge and a place to heal and grow for local Guatemalans in need.

Through nothing short of a prompting from the Lord, Ron Morin, our founder, contacted a long-time friend Hugo Caballeros and invited him and his family to lunch. Ron was unaware what God was up to. Hugo and Gilma Caballeros have a heart to take in special needs kids who are 18+ years old and are “aging out” of Guatemalan orphanages. Their goal is to love them into responsible adults in approximately two to three years time and to set them on a path for success.

Ron discovered that this amazing family was struggling to make ends meet in a small house near Antigua. In January of 2013 they moved into Casa de Sarita! Gods plan for Hugo, Gilma and their kids, both biological and foster, are being seen as well as His plan for Casa de Sarita.  Hugo and Gilma have a powerful testimony, and a very special gifting from God to not only pour into their extended family but also have a sincere and special way of connecting with the local Mayans.

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Community Center @ Monte Flor

The Community Center is a multi-purpose building on the Monte Flor property with a large kitchen, dinning hall, dormitories for visiting teams, space for conferences, a Dental Clinic, accounting offices, and space for teaching and training.
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Shoe Factory

Major themes behind the Monte Flor property are to provide care, spiritual guidance, education, and resources that facilitate the health and independence of local families and communities. The Shoe Factory at Monte Flor is a double-fold approach to meet those goals.

Manos de Jesus employs five local Guatemalan men to make shoes, and as result are able to provide for their families. In addition, shoes are given away to the local communities where homes have been built for widows when fundraised for by teams.

Each week a different community is invited to bring their children to be fitted for new shoes made by in the Shoe Factory. And each week approximately fifty pairs of shoes are given away to children in need. After shoes are fitted each child typically receives a snack and time to play on the play ground at Monte Flor. Visit our Facebook Shoe Factory Photo Gallery

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Mi Familia Sponsorship

Another part of Manos de Jesus is our Mi Familia Sponsorship Program. This ministry component extends our James 1:27 calling even further. Over 3-5 years with each local Mayan family, Manos de Jesus staff lovingly walk with the family to help educate the children and adults, help them start a business, and become financially independent. We strive to help them become a healthier family unit–physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually. Manos de Jesus case workers meet with each family at least once per month to talk and pray with them, tutor the children in school, share Bible stories, and share the love of Jesus with them!

Can you extend a hand in love to a child or family in need? Through Mi Familia Sponsorship, your money provides direct and specific care based on the individual needs of a family and helps them work toward self-sustainability.
Discover more information about Mi Familia Sponsorship and sign up to sponsor a family here.

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Water Filters

Contaminated water is one of the most common problems in any third world country. Clean water is difficult and expensive to obtain for typical families in Guatemala. Manos De Jesus makes small point-of-use water filters available for our teams to purchase to alleviate this issue for Guatemalan families.

Either activated charcoal or bio-sand filters are utilized to convert unusable water into a clear source of water for drinking and cooking.  It does not take long for each family to see improved health as a result of a simple water filter. For more information on pricing please download our Team Leaders Guide.

Efficient Stoves

A common cooking method is know as a three-stone fire. The stones a placed to support a circular metal cooking surface on the floor of the home. An open fire is lit to heat the cooking surface and much firewood is consumed in the process. Smoke inhalation and an open fire are only two of the dangers presented here. A Guatemalan woman has to cook on her knees for at least two hours to prepare meals, and children often fall into these fires, firewood quickly becomes a great expense for any family, and is rapidly consumed which also results in deforestation, and potential mudslides.

We address these problems with fuel efficient wood burning stoves. The team assists our Guatemalan employees in the installation and construction of the stoves in local Guatemalan homes. Each stove uses only a few small pieces of wood to cook a meal. Guatemalans can now stand while cooking, children are much less likely to be burned, and all the smoke is ventilated outside the home. More importantly the stove is a tool to build a relationship with the Guatemalan family so that more ministry can happen following the stove installation. For more information on pricing please download our Team Leaders Guide.

Dental Clinic

The Monte Flor Dental Clinic is housed in our 10,000 square foot Community Center. The Dental Clinic occupies the upper floor of the Center and includes a waiting room, 2 operatories, a storage and sterilization area, restroom facilities, along with full bedrooms and separate bathrooms for volunteer dental teams to occupy while they serve the community here. Click the button below to learn more, or to book a Dental Clinic Team Trip.

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