Ministry Info

The Chichicastenango Guatemala area is a worn and torn land rich in Mayan culture and traditions. The Pray America/Manos de Jesus ministry began serving the local Mayan people in 2003 with James 1:27 as a foundation. Though many churches and short-term teams have partnered with our ministry, there is still much ministry and much work to be done.

We invite you on this journey with us. This is a life-long journey in pursuit of the heart of God. Much ministry is still needed to continue bringing the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Chichicastenango, one soul at a time.  As St. Francis of Assisi once said: “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words”.

Serving with Manos de Jesus: A Typical Week in Guatemala

Mission Trips

Since 2003 we have hosted short-term mission teams in a safe place with hot showers and home-cooked meals. We provide transportation from Guatemala City Airport so that your team can focus on partnering with us in our James 1:27 calling. We employ a Guatemalan staff who takes care of the details from three meals a day to locating widows in need of a home. When our short-term teams arrive much preparation has already taken place to ensure that loving on the widows and children can take place in a very tangible way.

Visiting teams typically build 2 to 4 homes for widows, install efficient wood burning stoves, and provide a source of clean drinking water with economical and simple household water filtration systems during their week stay in Chichicastenango. More than 800 homes for widows have been constructed to date which paves the way for extended ministry to happen.

For more details on hosting a short-term team with us please browse our Team Leader Guide. The next step would be to fill out our Trip Information Request Form. Once we have confirmed a Mission Trip Date with your Team Leader please have each Team Member fill out a Trip Registration Form. This will ensure that each Team Member will be properly registered with us and will have Travel Insurance. We look forward to serving Jesus and the Guatemalan people along side of your team soon.