Education Program

We operate four education programs in four communities in the Chichicastenango region. The programs are locally staffed with the mission to be a transformative and attractive space for children and families in our community to grow spiritually, academically, physically and emotionally. We function like an after school program where students are receiving reinforcement in various subjects like Math, Reading, English, and are also receiving extracurricular classes like Art, Computer, and Physical Education. Each family is visited every trimester where they receive a time of spiritual encouragement from the Program teachers and a food bag.

Mi Familia

Mi Familia is our sponsorship program, where families in the States sponsor families in Chichi. Our local staff members work with and mentor low-income families over 3-5 years, the goal being to start a small business and become financially independent. We strive to help them become a healthier family unit–physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually.

Soccer Program

Our Soccer Program is in partnership with One Way Community (OWC) with the aim of training children and young people through sport and mentoring. Steps and strategies of evangelism and discipleship are used. The main purpose is to be able to bring the participants closer to Jesus, and to show the model and lifestyle of Jesus, which is being fully committed to the service and constant search for God the Father.

Widow Support Group

Our local staff ministers to three groups of widows in three different communities in the Chichicastenango region. They meet monthly for a time of spiritual encouragement and receive a food bag.

Short Term Missions

We welcome short term mission teams to partner with our ministry and local staff to learn and serve on the ground in Chichicastenango.


Our projects that meet physical needs include house construction, house restorations, bed builds, the installation of efficient wood stoves and water filters. We often partner with our short team mission teams to provide these while sharing the love of Jesus.

Dental Clinic

Built in 2019, our dental clinic comes fully equipped with three dental chairs, a storage and sterilization area, a waiting room, and restroom facilities. We host dental teams who provide dental care to low-income families in our local communities. In addition, we partner with a local dentist who provides dental care for the children in our programs.

Shoe Factory

On our campus, we have a shoe factory staffed by Guatemalans who make shoes that children wear to school. Our cobblers make shoes based on needs in our programs.

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