Nutrition Programs

We operate three nutrition and discipleship programs in the communities of Paquixic, Xepocol, and Saquilla in the Chichicastenango region, and all are staffed by the local church and by local young Mayans with a heart to pour into their own people. Twice weekly, each program provides a nutritious meal of meat, fruits, and beans, along with Bible classes for children and widows.

Mi Familia

Mi Familia is our sponsorship program, where families in the States sponsor families in Chichi. Our local staff members work with and mentor low-income families over 3-5 years, the goal being to start a small business and become financially independent. We strive to help them become a healthier family unit–physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually.

Short-Term Missions

We welcome short-term mission teams to serve next to our staff, and in partnership with our community partners. Throughout their week, our teams have the opportunity to learn about Chichi culture, the ministry, and build relationships with staff and community members. They also serve alongside us on various programs such as after school education, futbol and leadership, health and nutrition, house building and repairs, and stove and water filter installations.


Our projects that meet physical needs include widow house construction and the installation of efficient wood stoves and water filters. We often partner with our mission groups to provide these while sharing the love of Jesus.

Dental Clinic

Built in 2019, our dental clinic comes fully equipped with three operatories, a storage and sterilization area, a waiting room, and restroom facilities. We host dental teams who provide dental care to low-income families in our local communities.

Shoe Factory

On MonteFlor, we have a shoe factory staffed by four Guatemalans who make the shoes that are required for children to go to school. Each week, 50 pairs of shoes are given away to students who need them throughout local communities in Chichi.

English Education and After School Tutoring

We offer English classes and after school supplemental education for local children. The program takes place on campus at Monte Flor. It is an opportunity for kids to learn, grow, and develop language skills. We want this to be a place where they are able to learn, as well as an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with them.

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